How GeTS Helps Artika Benefit From Import Compliance

Artika, a leading wholesale distributor of home furnishings and housewares, was looking for a solution that would help them reduce their operations costs while also improving their customs compliance. They wanted to find an affordable self-filing service provider that offered a user-friendly experience and was easy to implement.

They found the right partner in GeTS. They’re now able to gain control over their import filings and keep them accurate.

Lighting Fixtures

Lighting fixtures are an integral part of any interior aesthetic, and the right ones can make all the difference in a room. They can create a mood, enhance visibility and highlight the features of a room that may otherwise be overlooked.

There are many different types of light fixtures that come in a variety of shapes and sizes. The shape of a lighting fixture can have a significant impact on the type of look it conveys to the eye, so choosing one that is designed to fit the theme of your room will help to establish its design quality.

The smallest details matter, and one of the most important is the shade of a light fixture. The shape of the shade has a big effect on how the light bulb will project outwards and downwards from the end of the light fixture.

Often the light bulb is incorporated into the shade itself, resulting in a light fixture that not only looks cool, but also offers a more energy efficient option to conventional lights. This is particularly true of LEDs which have a long lifespan and require far less energy to operate.

Kitchen Cabinets

Cabinets are the backbone of kitchens. They provide storage for dishes, glasses and cooking utensils as well as appliances such as dishwashers, refrigerators and ovens.

They come in different shapes, sizes and styles. The best option depends on your design objectives and ambitions for the space.

The main cabinet types are base cabinets, wall cabinets and tall cabinets. They can be built from face-frame or frameless construction.

European-style frameless cabinets offer more storage than traditional rail-style cabinets because they are wider and can be equipped with a range of drawers and special units that maximize functionality.

They can also feature a variety of internal hardware such as soft-close hinges and pulls to help keep them organized. Touchless drawers and doors are another feature that designers like to include as an extra.

Bathroom Cabinets

Purchasing bathroom cabinets is a significant decision. They can have a major impact on the look and feel of your bathroom, providing essential storage for toiletries, cosmetics and more.

There are a multitude of cabinet options, styles, assembly methods and colors to choose from, and they all have their own pros and cons. Before you start shopping for new bathroom cabinets, take the time to assess your budget and layout.

Standard cabinetry is often constructed from a particleboard or plywood frame, and is typically painted or stained. This type of cabinetry is a great option for budget-conscious bathroom projects, but make sure it’s sealed properly to prevent moisture from causing swelling.

Outdoor Lighting

Whether it’s an outdoor kitchen, dining area, fireplace or patio, outdoor lighting can create the perfect ambience. It can also add a touch of elegance and make your space more usable after dark.

In addition to making the outdoors feel more welcoming, outdoor lights can help enhance safety by illuminating pathways, driveways and stairways. They can also discourage crime, vandalism and property damage.

If you’re looking to add a little extra safety to your exterior spaces, floodlights may be the right choice for you. They can illuminate an entire section of your yard so that people can easily navigate their way around it, especially when the weather is bad.

Wall lights are another low-voltage option that can be used to illuminate walkways, paths and driveways. They can also be placed along the interior of your pergola, above stairways and around sunken seating areas and pools.