Nicapa Benefits For Silhouette Cameo Users

The Nicapa Strong Hold Cutting Mat has become a popular choice among Silhouette Cameo users. These mats are thicker than standard Cricut mats and are often less expensive. They are also self-healing and can be used multiple times.

Suitable for a range of medium-weight materials, including adhesive-backed deluxe paper, infusible iron-on, pearl paper, and cardstock. Keep the clear film cover on the cut mat when storing to keep it free from paper scraps and dust.

1. Easy to clean

Nicapa mats are easy to clean, and you can use any type of cleaner. To start, wet the mat in a sink and scrub it with a brush. Be sure to use a gentle touch, so you don’t damage the surface of the mat. Next, rinse the mat in the sink again and dry it with a paper towel.

Once the mat is clean, you can use it again. Just make sure to rinse it again after you’ve used it to remove any excess residue. This will help ensure that your mat is always ready to use. This makes nicapa a great choice for vinyl crafts and other types of projects.