Somethinc Benefits From Electronic Word-Of-Mouth

Somethinc is an Indonesian homegrown beauty brand which focuses on skincare. The brand has managed to become the #1 best-selling skincare in Indonesia’s largest e-commerce platform and is also one of the top local brands in modern cosmetic stores.

StyleDoubler’s KOL campaigns have proven to deliver views and conversions for Somethinc and its sister brand, Glowinc. Somethinc benefits include:

1. Easy to use

With the development of online purchase trends and digital media, cosmetic products have been marketed through social media platforms where users share their opinions on product performance. This new phenomenon is referred to as electronic word-of-mouth (eWOM) and has been proven to have an impact on purchase intention. Indonesian brand Somethinc has benefited from this trend as the product has been featured in numerous Tiktok routines, making it easy for consumers to access information about the product and its benefits. Somethinc has launched a campaign this month pitching its Calmdown Series, a line of skincare products that are said to calm angry and irritated skin. The campaign is accompanied by an online film that shows what the skin would say if it could talk. The video is meant to amuse viewers and show that a skincare problem can be resolved with the right product.

2. Effective

With the emergence of digital media, there has been an increasing interest in product reviews and recommendations on social media. These online reviews are commonly known as electronic word-of-mouth (eWOM). TikTok is a popular social media platform with beauty content and Somethinc has been the most viewed skincare brand on this application.

Somethinc has recently launched a campaign to promote its Calmdown Series, a range of products that are specifically designed to calm sensitive, angry, and irritated skin. The campaign uses a series of humorous online films that showcase what the skin would say if it were a person, in order to create engagement with audiences and to demonstrate how Somethinc is different from its competitors.

3. Affordable

Somethinc is one of the beauty brands based in Indonesia that gained the attention of many people because it offers quality makeup products at affordable prices. You can find Somethinc products at several online stores, including Shopee and Tokopedia. Some of them even have a special discount for you to get more products at an even cheaper price!

Another benefit of somethinc is that the products are halal and BPOM approved. All of the products are tested for safety and have no haram ingredients. You can check the BPOM certificate of each product by visiting their official website.

4. Reliable

As a local cosmetic brand, Somethinc has managed to defeat many competitors in the market by winning several awards such as Watsons HWB Best Newcomer Beauty Brand 2021, #1 Top Selling Toner in Shopee and Tokopedia 2021, and the highest number of views on Tiktok in 2019. Somethinc’s success has motivated consumers to purchase its products. Therefore, it is important for the company to maintain a high level of customer satisfaction.

The aim of this study is to investigate the influence of eWOM on consumer perceptions towards Somethinc’s brand. This research uses a mixed method of sampling to collect data. The respondents of the survey are Indonesian TikTok users that know Somethinc brand and like to search skincare product references on the application. The respondents were also asked to answer questions about their attribution and attitude towards the Somethinc brand. The results indicate that price fairness has a positive impact on customer satisfaction and it is an important consideration for Somethinc to maintain its prices.