The Cash Flow Management Software Market

The Global Cash Flow Management Software market is highly fragmented. There are numerous vendors offering the software, but the major players in the market include Cashbook, Vena, Float, ABM Cloud, FLUIDLY LIMITED, Pulse, and Apruve. Some of the key players in the market are raising significant amounts of money to develop their platforms.

Vena Cash Flow Management Software

Vena’s cash flow management capabilities allow companies to understand and optimize their financial situation. It helps companies understand the underlying drivers of cash flow, which can be vital for determining when to invest and plan for future growth. It offers an intuitive Excel interface, a secure database, and automated business processes such as budget routing, review, and approvals.

Vena is a fully integrated finance and accounting ecosystem, powered by certified planners who make financial planning easy. With its easy-to-use interface, advanced forecasting tools, and real-time reporting capabilities, it can free your finance team to focus on driving faster decisions. Its native integration with Microsoft Excel, financial planning, and ERP solutions helps users get the most out of their investments.

Vena’s competitor, Adaptive Planning, has a wider customer base than Vena. It boasts thousands of customers in several countries, ranging from small businesses to enterprise-level firms. However, some customers have complained about the program’s performance degrading and continuous maintenance issues, as well as price hikes. As a result, it has lost favor among mid-sized businesses. On the other hand, Vena has fewer than a thousand users worldwide.

Vena is a cloud-based financial planning platform that brings the familiarity of Excel to advanced analytics. This unique software integrates the power of Excel and its unique Growth Engine. With Vena, finance and operations leaders can use Excel to automate processes and make smarter, faster decisions. Vena’s user-friendly interface allows any business owner to make more informed decisions.

Vena’s cash flow management software provides financial analysis for businesses. This software automatically integrates accounting software data and organizes it into cash flow reports and statements. It also allows users to evaluate multiple what-if scenarios at once. Ultimately, accurate cash flow data leads to better decisions and more accurate financial planning.

Float Cash Flow Management Software

Float Cash Flow Management Software is designed to give business owners a real-time picture of their cash flow, enabling them to make confident decisions. It pulls information from your accounting application daily and creates accurate cash flow forecasts. Users can review their imported data, including invoices and bills, to see if they are on track. Float can also create reports that compare actuals to budgeted figures.

Float’s cash flow management software helps you forecast your cash flow in a comprehensive and visually-oriented way. Float’s cash flow management software integrates with most accounting platforms and gathers data and information automatically. This means that you don’t need to spend hours forecasting cash flow in Excel. Additionally, you’ll save time because Float automatically updates your cash flow every 24 hours. It also helps you spot changes in cash flow and forecasts them ahead of time.

Float is a cloud-based cash flow management software that connects to accounting packages such as Xero and QuickBooks Online. It can accommodate up to ten user accounts, making it a good choice for small businesses. Its pricing varies according to the number of active team members. Guest users are not included in the pricing. There is a free 14-day trial available to test its features.

Float Cash Flow Management Software is an easy-to-use and powerful tool for managing cash flow and paying loans. The software provides intelligent cash flow projections, a comprehensive financial analysis, insights into sales and customer satisfaction, and a customizable reporting platform. It can also integrate with most accounting software solutions.

The Cash Flow Management Software market is split into segments according to technology, application, and geography. Key players in the market include multinational companies and local vendors. In addition, the report highlights the growth potential of Cash Flow Management Software. Key players in the market include Cashflow Mojo, Cashforce, and Cashforce.

With better cash flow management, a business can make better decisions and manage their resources better. It allows decision-makers to assess the risks associated with future operations and improve their budgeting. Furthermore, cash flow management software helps business owners save time. It automates the processes that are involved in cash flow management.


Planful is a cloud-based solution that offers a comprehensive cash flow management solution. Its features are extensive and affordable. It also comes with excellent support. Users have complained about some of the software’s shortcomings. While the interface is simple and intuitive, some features are not intuitive. The lack of user-friendly training materials and documentation is one of its most notable drawbacks.

The Planful platform is a great fit for organizations that are looking to automate their cash flow management processes. It offers features such as financial planning, consolidation, and reporting. It also includes visual analytics. Its customer base includes some of the largest companies in the world. It is used by Boston Red Sox, Del Monte, TGI Fridays, 23andMe, and others.

Users of Planful cash flow management software are generally satisfied with the software’s reporting capabilities. However, they have found some minor issues with its user interface (UX). When trying to add new rows and columns, users are required to use a drop-down menu. Users also find it difficult to do calculations without using a template. Additionally, they experience lag when scrolling within a template.

Although Planful offers powerful automation features, the learning curve is steep and the software may not be intuitive for all users. Some users also complain about the time required to setup the system, and their overreliance on customer support. The cost of using Planful is higher than that of OnPlan, but it does not compromise on speed or efficiency.

Automating the financial processes can save time and reduce errors. It can also accelerate month-end close cycles, eliminate manual intervention, and ensure accurate and reliable global reporting. The integration of various data sources with the use of prebuilt connectors improves the efficiency of financial management. These tools can help streamline the management of complex data and help organizations take strategic decisions.


The CashAnalytics cash flow management solution is an automated cash forecasting system for businesses. It connects to various sources of cash flow data and provides detailed reporting and analysis. It provides a consolidated view of your business’s cash position and can even forecast payment behavior from customers. This feature helps you improve the accuracy of your cash forecasts and eliminates administrative tasks.

The platform is designed to make analyzing cash flow easier, whether you’re a small business or a large organization. The software has a powerful suite of financial tools and a user-friendly interface. It also offers real-time market data, custom cash flow templates, and future forecasts. It supports multiple entities and departments. This cash flow management software is ideal for small to medium-sized businesses but may be too complicated for large enterprises. The cost of CashAnalytics varies according to the plan you choose.

Several major players are active in the Cash Flow Management Software market. These include HighRadius Corporation, Scoro, Cashbook, and ABM Cloud. Other players include Pulse, CashAnalytics, and Apruve. The global Cash Flow Management Software market is highly fragmented.

CashAnalytics’ SaaS software provides cash management, forecasting, and reconciliation. It connects to different data sources, including bank transactions and in-house banking. The software also makes journal entries and posts them to the general ledger. Moreover, the software allows users to automate their cash flow management processes.

With the suiteApp, CashAnalytics can now be used within the NetSuite ecosystem. Using the real-time data of NetSuite, it allows finance teams to better analyze cash flow and guide their financial strategy. In addition, the SuiteApp also integrates with NetSuite SuiteCloud, an ERP solution for growing companies.

In addition to providing real-time reporting, CashAnalytics’ platform supports various financial systems, including Quickbooks, Xero, and FreeAgent. Businesses can create accurate cash flow forecasts using the platform with its proprietary technology. Its real-time cash flow forecasts are highly accurate and alert users to cash shortages and surpluses.

While CashAnalytics does not publish pricing plans publicly, it is free to try. It offers demos and custom quotes.