The Green Platform Benefits For Your Business

Green technology does more than just help the environment. It can also benefit your business in numerous ways. From financial boosts to increased productivity, here are a few of the top benefits of using a green platform.

Position Green enables you to efficiently import qualitative and quantitative sustainability data from within and outside your organisation. You can then visualise this data according to defined KPIs and reporting standards.

1. Reduced Costs

Green technology does more than just protect the environment. It boosts productivity in the workplace and provides several financial benefits for companies.

Several eco-friendly technologies reduce office supplies expenses by replacing traditional products with digital counterparts. Switching to a cloud-based messaging system, for example, can save on the cost of paper and markers, which is typically a large chunk of most company spending.

In addition, using a green platform can help businesses save money on energy bills. Companies can reduce their energy consumption by running workloads in third-party or on-prem datacenters that purchase renewable electricity, as well as by implementing hardware accelerators and interpreter/compiler optimizations, according to Microsoft. This can reduce the need for more space in datacenters and improve IT operational, infrastructure and IT equipment efficiencies.

2. Reduced Waste

Waste reduction is one of the most important green platform benefits because it reduces pollution and lowers the need to mine raw materials. It also helps reduce the amount of energy that is used. This can help businesses save on both energy costs and raw material prices.

The green economy includes community-based economic structures, such as decentralized democratic cooperatives, publicly owned enterprises, and other economic systems that put human and ecological needs alongside profits. They are an alternative to both corporate capitalism and state socialism.

The GGKP enables engagement on knowledge and learning via its Green Forum – an online interactive community space that supports professionals in their pursuit of a sustainable economic transition. It facilitates the sharing of policy guidance, good practices, tools and data.

3. Reduced Carbon Footprint

The Green Platform initiative is a government grant programme that helps companies and individuals invest in green sustainable solutions. The grant is aimed at stimulating bigger and faster investments in green industrial solutions and products.

A carbon footprint is the total amount of greenhouse gases you produce in a year. These gases trap heat in the atmosphere, which leads to climate change.

There are many ways to reduce your carbon footprint, including switching to renewable energy sources and using energy-efficient appliances. You can also offset your emissions by investing in UNFCCC-certified climate friendly projects.

Tech giants like Google and Microsoft have made a point of reducing their carbon footprint. Additionally, eco startups like Ecosia plant trees for every search you make through their extension.

4. Increased Customer Trust

Creating green products and services that are environmentally friendly can help to increase customer trust. This can lead to more sales and better brand recognition. Many consumers are becoming more aware of the impact that their purchasing decisions have on the environment, and they want to know that the companies they are buying from are doing their part to protect the planet.

Position Green’s ESG software enables organisations to take a data-driven approach to sustainability and turn reporting into measurable KPIs and actionable insights. The platform allows for both manual and automatic import of qualitative and quantitative sustainability data from across your organisation, value chain and holdings. This offers immediate and full progress overviews according to your defined KPIs, reporting standards and stakeholder interests.