Tropicfeel Benefits From a Positive Impact

If you’re looking for a versatile pair of shoes that can take you from a beach day in Europe to an adventure in South America, then tropicfeel is the brand for you. Their sneakers are made to tackle any terrain and weather, leaving a small footprint on the environment in the process.


Travelers know that comfort is key when it comes to packing for a trip, especially when you’re on your feet all day. Whether you’re hiking, biking, or just exploring a new city, it’s important to have shoes that will keep your feet happy and healthy throughout your trip.

Designed by avid travelers, Tropicfeel offers versatile shoes to suit different environments. They’re perfect for light hikes, beach days, and bike rides.


When it comes to traveling, you want to find a piece of gear that fits all your needs. This means something that’s comfortable, easy to pack, and will make the most of your time while you’re on the road.

Tropicfeel shoes are lightweight and affordable options for anyone looking for a functional multi-purpose shoe for their next trip. They’re perfect for hikers, water-lovers, and urban travelers alike.

Each pair of Tropicfeel shoes comes with a simple mesh bag that can be used for anything from camping gear to laundry. They’re designed to keep your shoes safe while on the move and are available in a variety of colors.


Tropicfeel shoes are designed with breathable materials in mind. They are crafted with Cosmo Fabrics 3D mesh, which makes them water friendly and odor-free, while also being quick-drying.

They also have a clever wand-like tuck-in design that allows you to stow your shoes away neatly when not in use. This is a huge plus for travellers who want to reduce weight without sacrificing functionality.


Water-resistant is an important feature for travel shoes. They need to be able to withstand the elements and keep your feet dry so you don’t have to worry about your shoes getting wet or dirty while you’re walking or trekking through rainy environments.

In addition to being waterproof, tropicfeel shoes are also quick-drying and odor-resistant. They are made from technical materials, which means they’re breathable and lightweight. They are also pre-treated with an odour-absorbing wool material, so they’re guaranteed to keep your feet fresh and dry while you’re out exploring!


Founded by Alberto Espinos, Barcelona-based company Tropicfeel makes versatile and high-quality gear to accompany people on their adventures while leaving a positive impact on the planet. It is committed to sustainable production using eco-friendly recycled materials and adhering to the strictest human labour and animal welfare policies.

As part of their sustainability approach, tropicfeel also takes care of its suppliers by only using ethical suppliers that comply with the Bluesign Criteria. This ensures that chemicals are avoided and workers along the supply chain are well looked after.

The brand also offers a rewards program that gives you access to free merchandise, epic discounts and personalised adventure itineraries. It also lets you earn Tropicfeel points for simple tasks and challenges, which can be used to influence future products.