Volta Trucks Benefits From Flexibility

Volta Trucks offers a “Truck as a Service” model which mitigates perceived risks and simplifies fleet electrification. This model provides a monthly fee for use of the vehicle with all maintenance, servicing and insurance included.

With no traditional internal combustion engine, the driver sits low and centrally mounted in a glasshouse-style cab with 220-degrees of visibility to reduce blind spot issues. This premium driving experience makes it easier for fleet operators to recruit and retain drivers.


Although commercial vehicles make up a small portion of city traffic, they are involved in a disproportionate number of accidents with pedestrians and cyclists. To address this issue, Volta Trucks has designed a safe and quiet electric vehicle with safety-oriented cabs.

The company’s innovative Trucks as a Service program offers businesses access to zero-tailpipe emission electric trucks. It simplifies the ownership experience by combining all the elements of a fleet electrification project into one package and monthly payment.

Volta Trucks’ class 7 vehicle has a pure-electric range of 95-125 miles and is optimized for urban delivery routes. Its advanced battery system uses a compact eAxle and high-voltage batteries located within the chassis rails. This enables the truck to be charged at up to 250 kW in an hour and provide a full charge for the day’s route. It also has a flexible battery layout that can be easily upgraded to support future capabilities. In addition, its cab is made of lightweight composite materials with an inner metal spaceframe structure. This makes the cab safer and lighter than traditional trucks.


With a goal of fostering sustainable cities, Volta Trucks offers a range of flexibility features for its employees. This company has a long history of promoting flexible work options for its staff, including remote positions and part-time jobs in fields like account management, HR & recruiting, and sales. Volta has a reputation for offering great benefits and a supportive work environment for its employees.

The driver of a Volta Zero sits much lower than in conventional trucks, giving them a wide 220-degree view. This enables them to see pedestrians easily, reducing dangerous blind spots. The driver also enjoys a premium driving experience with intuitive and well-positioned touch screens for lights, climate control, navigation and trip planning, communication, and in-cab media.

The full-electric vehicle will be offered to fleet operators in a US pilot program starting in 2023. This will allow them to evaluate the vehicle in real distribution environments and understand how it can fit into their operations.


Volta Trucks understands the complexities that fleet operators face with the transition to electric vehicles, and has developed an innovative Truck-as-a-Service proposition. This one-stop-shop takes all the elements needed to electrify a delivery truck fleet and bundles them into a single offering with monthly payments. The company has already completed cargo-free engineering trials with a number of European fleet operators, including DB Schenker, Petit Forestier, Clipper Logistics, and DPD.

The company’s cab has been designed with the driver’s comfort and safety at its core, using a central driving position at a lower seat height than conventional trucks. In addition, the glass house-style cab design offers a 220-degree view of the vehicle around it, minimizing dangerous blind spots.

The truck will also feature a battery powering the vehicle that uses Lithium Iron Phosphate, which is well-suited to large commercial vehicles and offers long cycle life, robust cell design, and good thermal stability. The vehicle’s battery is located between the chassis rails, preventing it from being exposed in an accident.


Founded in 2019, Volta Trucks has been working to develop vehicles that are more environmentally friendly than traditional trucks. Their goal is to revolutionize city center logistics and reduce emissions. Its vehicles are quieter and more energy efficient, which will benefit the environment and the people who live in urban areas. The company also focuses on keeping people at the forefront of their business model and product development.

The company’s vehicles are designed to be easy to maintain. Their battery modules are removable and can be replaced without requiring an engine restart. The company is also looking into offering financing solutions to help customers with the cost of their trucks.

The company received funding from the German government to subsidize vehicle costs for 151 of its Volta Zero electric trucks. These subsidies could reduce the price of the vehicles by around 163,000 euros. The company is also planning to introduce 7.5-tonne, 12-tonne, and 18-tonne variants of its full-electric truck.